Lot of 7 investment apartments in the historical center of Imatra. All apartments are in good condition, not requiring repairs and are rented on an ongoing basis. Stable, guaranteed income. A well-maintained building, lot owned by the cooperative, a fenced yard, most of the repairs in the house are made. The cooperative is in excellent financial condition. Additional information on request.

Build year: 1936
Price: 650000 EUR
Full price: 650000 EUR

Address: Koskenparras 1, Imatra, Suomi


Our family business has been in Finnish real estate since 2007. With our extensive experience in both commercial and residential construction, we offer our clients and business partners a wide range of services.

For those, who are in search of their dream home or cottage, we will find it or design and build it with expertise.

We know Helsinki capital area estate market well and have expanded our business to southeast Finland in the Saimaa Gardens area in Lappeenranta, where we are now located.

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What is the reason you want to buy? Interested in passive income? Selling your current house? Would like to build your own house?

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