An old office building in the historic part of Hamina. Former room of the regimental orchestra. For a long time it was used for its intended purpose, located right next to the entrance to the garrison of Hamina and the officers’ school. The area is more than 500 m2, several entrances. Can be used as an office building or can be converted into housing building. Near the park, promenade, restaurants, kindergarten and school.

Living space (sq. m): 500 m2
Lot size (sq. m): 1200 m2
Build year: 1912

Address: Kadettikoulunkatu 9, Hamina, Suomi


Our family business has been in Finnish real estate since 2007. With our extensive experience in both commercial and residential construction, we offer our clients and business partners a wide range of services.

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We know Helsinki capital area estate market well and have expanded our business to southeast Finland in the Saimaa Gardens area in Lappeenranta, where we are now located.

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