Purchasing or selling the property is probably one of the most important financial decisions most of us make in our life!

Regardless if it’s your first purchase or sale, this decision deserves a thorough consideration and preparation.

What is the reason you want to buy?

  • Are you done paying a rent to your landlord would like to take the mortgage instead and pay “to yourself”?
  • Is your current house too small for you?
  • You think you should expand your investment portfolio to real estate?
  • Are you looking for rental property?
  • You would like to have huge back yard?
  • Tired of current neighbors or just want to move to a better zip code?

Let us know what is the main driver for your decision and we will help you pick the right property for you!


Interested in passive income?

Real estate is an excellent investment. Regardless if you are looking for the house of your dreams, rental property or you are expanding your investment portfolio to real estate.

Investing in real estate is one of the least risky financial investments today and an excellent tool for generating passive income.


Selling your current house?

We utilize all the latest technologies in our sales process. That’s one of our areas of mastery. We will add your property to various websites, run a Facebook marketing campaign, produce aerial photography and video clips and will place those to YouTube. Our goal is to get the most attention to your property.


Would like to build your own house?

You did not find anything interesting on the market? Are all properties kind of OK, but not exactly what you are looking for?

We start the process of building your own house from the scratch. Starting from locating the perfect lot and selecting the style of the house. We create the construction plans, select materials and design the interior. And naturally run the project to its completion. You just move in!

As a small company that we are, we can maintain very high standards and quality in our services. Every assignment is important for us. Therefore, we can offer the best experience and knowledge that we have gained in over 10 years working in real estate.


Our family business has been in Finnish real estate since 2007. With our extensive experience in both commercial and residential construction, we offer our clients and business partners a wide range of services.

For those, who are in search of their dream home or cottage, we will find it or design and build it with expertise.

We know Helsinki capital area estate market well and have expanded our business to southeast Finland in the Saimaa Gardens area in Lappeenranta, where we are now located.

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What is the reason you want to buy? Interested in passive income? Selling your current house? Would like to build your own house?

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